Humanity in Action

Lectures and discussions with renowned academics, journalists, politicians and activists on the topic of international human rights

BrooksFinal.jpgNAACP President Cornell Brooks delivers the opening keynote at the 2016 Humanity in Action New York Conference. Speaking on racial justice, voting rights and political discourse in the 2016 election, Brooks calls upon the Humanity in Action community to continue actively engaging with issues of democracy and diversity. 

Aug 2nd, 2013 by humanityinaction at 3:26 pm

Srdja Popovic, former student resistance leader of Otpor! in Serbia and Founder of the Centre for Applied Non-Violent Action & Strategies, leads a skills workshop focused on teaching strategies for nonviolent democratic activism at the First Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Amsterdam on July 2, 2010.
Aug 2nd, 2013 by humanityinaction at 2:56 pm

Steve Crawshaw, Director of the Office of Secretary General of Amnesty International, delivers a keynote address at the Fourth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Warsaw on  June 28, 2013.  In his speech, he addresses the role of resistance movements in Poland, particularly Solidarity, and the impact it has had on  Polish history.